Articles published in August 2016

What To Think About At Work

Just about this time of year many businesses are taking account and beginning to set up plans for the coming year. Even for those of us who may not be engaged in the big decisions of business, it's good idea to step back for a few moments, clear our mind and reflect on where we've been and where we're going. Darryl Shoemaker has some suggestions. Ernie P.S. - SAVE THE DATE: If you're in the Worcester, MA area, mark your calendar for CBMC's next Marketplace Ambassador Network breakfast at the Green Hill Golf Course on Tuesday, September 20, from 7:00 to 8:15 am. Lee Truax, CBMC's President will be the speaker.
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Finding Where You Are At Work

This week's title may sound strange. Most of us already know where we are at work. We have an address and phone number where we can be found. That's not what we have in mind here. The question is bigger than that. All of us eventually ask ourselves something like, "Am I in the right line of work? Am I making the kind of progress in my career that I should? Do I need to sharpen my focus?" Even if we ask the right questions, sometimes we don't find it easy to get good answers. Darrly Shoemaker has some helpful pointers for us. Ernie
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Some have rightly suggested that the familiar story of the prodigal son is not so much about the son, but illustrates primarily the loving father. It's a story that holds a strange attraction to us because it strikes at the core of our heart, and re-kindles a fundamental need of a man's nature - to be accepted by his father. Not all of us have found this in our earthly father. The kind of acceptance we ultimately yearn for is only found completely in our heavenly Father, as John Eldredge observes. Ernie
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