Has God Called Yet?

Have you ever been asked, "What is your calling?" Do you sometimes ask yourself the same question? This week David Scott gives us some ways to deal with the answer to that important question.
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Are You A Rescuer @ Work?

Drew Crandall is a well known Christian business leader who has a passion for sharing the claims of Christ in his sphere of influence. His blog, "The Salt Mine" shares many deep scriptural insights for everyday life. Take a look...
Tags:  Salvation, awareness, discernment


By Dr. Richard Bouch What if you exercised at the gym with imitation weights? Some workout that would be. You’d never get stronger. In spiritual and material affairs, in work and daily tasks, on duty and off, we deal with realities of existence for which inner strength is needed. Look, for example, at the apostle Paul, who was no pushover.
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