The idea of worldview is not new, but it has recently become a somewhat popular topic. Worldview is the set of basic, foundational assumptions or beliefs a person uses to understand the world. Dr. Richard Bouch writes about how a truly Christian worldview can bring powerful meaning to our work...
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Worldview For Work
by Dr. RIchard Bouch
Worldview is the set of basic, foundational assumptions or beliefs a person uses to understand the world.
She or he will respond to life and its issues largely according to worldview. Some people are less or more consciously aware of their own worldview than others.
All Christians - including all Christian workers - are called to have a worldview. Their Leader Himself has one: He called everything about the world good when He made it (Genesis 1), and He loves it so much that He sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to rescue it from the horrible consequences of a worldview that disregards His values:
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life"(John 3: 16).
Yet there is good reason for concern that the Christian worldview is not as strong as it should be. The "fast-paced lifestyle," competing demands, ungodly influences, and a tendency to trust reason and technology to solve problems, draw our attention away from Jesus.
The act of working is meant to strengthen us in a Christian worldview. We work nearly all our waking hours at something, whether paid or unpaid, inside or outside of a designated workplace. All these activities need to be given over to God. How? By inviting Him into them. As we invite God into our work, we discover why He wants and needs us to be godly influences there; we realize the cleanness and desirability of His value system; we experience Him using our work to train us in godliness and helping others. In short, working for Him will alert us to the reality and desirability of a Christian worldview. Will you invite Jesus to help you to the only worldview that can power up your life for lasting good?
Lord Jesus, the idea of a healthy unifying perspective on worship and work sounds very good. Please help me to understand in a whole new way that everything, including work, takes on life through a Christian worldview. Help me explore, get hold of, and live this idea. Amen.
  1. God loves the world, but does not approve of everything that happens in it. What does this suggest about His worldview and the worldview He'd like His followers to have?
  2. Why do you think the Christian worldview is not as strong as it should be in our culture?
  3. What is the connection between faith, values, and worldview? How might this play out in your work situation?
This WorkLife SwitchTOOL was written by Dr. Richard Bouch.  Used by permission. All rights reserved. Content edited and distributed by for non-profit educational purposes

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