I've said before, "I'm not big on New Years resolutions, mainly because they are seldom successful." When we are walking with God in our life and even in our vocation, the story is different.This week Dr. RIchard Bouch reminds us that when we look for what God is doing in and through our work, we can be more excited about his invitation, "Follow Me."
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Invited To Another Work Year
by Dr. RIchard Bouch
Here we are. Look back a week or two.
Did you transition smoothly into the new year, or was it a rush and a scramble? Did you feel pushed or pulled? Or rested? Maybe a mix. Perhaps you had to work between Christmas and New Year.
As followers of Jesus Christ, we do well to remember that he invites us to follow him. "Follow Me," said Jesus invitingly to the fishermen who became his disciples. Throughout his ministry, Jesus invited the crowds to hear his teaching. He was there for them. With Jesus' help, we can treat the new work year as a fresh invitation to keep company with him.
Keeping company with Our Lord requires looking out for what he is doing. Our work year has the potential to bring ups and downs, opportunities, surprises, conflicts, changes, and more. In the middle of that, let's remember that the Lord our Creator, who made heaven and earth, wants work to be a constructive connection between him and us. He originally designed work to be a blessing. Tragically, human sin got in the way. But when we look for what he is doing in and through our work, we can be more excited about his invitation, "Follow Me."
Lord God, you have invited me to follow you, and I have chosen to follow you. Please be my Leader in this new work year. Increase my capacity to see and appreciate what you are doing in and through my work situation. Amen.
1. Do you feel that you effectively followed Christ at work last year? Why or why not?
2. What are some ways that you can follow Him at your work this year?
This WorkLife SwitchTOOL was written by Dr. Richard Bouch.  Used by permission. All rights reserved. Content edited and distributed by WorkLife.org for non-profit educational purposes.

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