Articles published in November 2016

What Is Displayed on Your Billboard?

I know a Christian business owner who led a successful trucking company for many years. As a personal ministry he would rent a billboard from time to time and have a bible verse printed on it. It was his way of communicating the message of Christ to others. He was also a faithful personal witness for Christ in his business, to his employees and personal contacts. This week's devotional describes the unique way in which all of us represent a "billboard" to others. What kind of message for Christ are those around us seeing in our workplace? Ernie
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The first attribute of an effective Marketplace Ambassador (see 2 Corinthians 5:20) is "Walking in daily intimacy with Jesus Christ." This week's devotional from John Eldredge's writings challenges us on that very issue. The foundation of living as an effective ambassador for Christ is to have an intimate walk with Him. I'll be talking much more about this key attribute at the CBMC Marketplace Ambassador Network breakfast on Tuesday, November 15. I really hope you'll be with me for breakfast at the Green Hill Golf Course in Worcester on Tuesday, November 15. I'll be sharing some useful prescriptions on how to overcome stress and gain time for the most important things in life. Ernie P.S. - Make your reservations now for CBMC's next Marketplace Ambassador Network breakfast meeting on Tuesday, November 15. Our topic is Margin: Getting the Time You Need in a Stressed-Out World. See for more details.
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