Some have rightly suggested that the familiar story of the prodigal son is not so much about the son, but illustrates primarily the loving father. It's a story that holds a strange attraction to us because it strikes at the core of our heart, and re-kindles a fundamental need of a man's nature - to be accepted by his father. Not all of us have found this in our earthly father. The kind of acceptance we ultimately yearn for is only found completely in our heavenly Father, as John Eldredge observes. Ernie
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Work As God's Action in Your Life

You've heard the old play on words from the children's song, "I owe, I owe. So, off to work I go." I'm afraid that for many of us our work can be just a paycheck. God, however, has a much higher view of our work than we might think, and Skip Moen expands on this for us. Keep reading below... Ernie
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By Dr. Richard Bouch What if you exercised at the gym with imitation weights? Some workout that would be. You’d never get stronger. In spiritual and material affairs, in work and daily tasks, on duty and off, we deal with realities of existence for which inner strength is needed. Look, for example, at the apostle Paul, who was no pushover.
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