There Was Once A Man

Happy Thanksgiving! Ken Pierpont is one of my favorite storytellers. This Thanksgiving I want to share an excerpt from Ken's blog.
Tags:  life, challenges, obstacles, darkness, Psalm 23, Psalm 100

It Must Be Small

I believe it was Howard Hendricks who said, "Any man who is not in a small group is an accident waitng to happen." John Eldredge asserts, "We were meant to live in little platoons." This week's blog explains the power and benefits of living in connection with a close group of brothers.
Tags:  Band of Brothers, allies, companionship, team

Should We Judge?

From time to time I've sometimes heard someone say, "That's not fair. You're judging me!" Our culture seems to have a fairly strong bent on not offending anyone and not even suggesting that they might be wrong. John Eldredge suggests that Jesus had a rather different view of things.
Tags:  judging, hypocrisy, right judgement

Is Anyone Looking?

Regi Campbell is an entrepreneur by trade, having been involved in founding 15 companies. He has served as a CEO four times, in companies from startup to $100m in sales. Regi has the frontline experience to speak with knowledge about the workplace. In this week's blog we share Regi's answer to the question, "Is anyone looking?"
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