Should We Judge?

From time to time I've sometimes heard someone say, "That's not fair. You're judging me!" Our culture seems to have a fairly strong bent on not offending anyone and not even suggesting that they might be wrong. John Eldredge suggests that Jesus had a rather different view of things.
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Is Anyone Looking?

Regi Campbell is an entrepreneur by trade, having been involved in founding 15 companies. He has served as a CEO four times, in companies from startup to $100m in sales. Regi has the frontline experience to speak with knowledge about the workplace. In this week's blog we share Regi's answer to the question, "Is anyone looking?"
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Are You A Rescuer @ Work?

Drew Crandall is a well known Christian business leader who has a passion for sharing the claims of Christ in his sphere of influence. His blog, "The Salt Mine" shares many deep scriptural insights for everyday life. Take a look...
Tags:  Salvation, awareness, discernment

Living Your Best Life

We have a constant barrage of voices promising to give directions to us on how to live a happier, wealthier, satisfying, meaningful, profitable ,etc., etc. life (usually the directions involve sending money to someone). Paul David Tripp has some sound biblical advice we can all use.