Do You Practice Repentance in the Moment?

By John Eldredge Will we do it perfectly? Of course not. Friends, let's set perfection aside. We are on our way, we are being transformed, but the moment we insist on total perfection we set ourselves up for bitter disappointment. Sin shall not be our master, because we are under grace. Grace. So it might be more helpful for us to talk about what to do when we blow it.

Suit Up For Work

By Randy Kilgore Having just scored the most significant triumph in human history, Jesus limited His post-Resurrection appearances to a group of frightened fishermen and a band of men and women who barely mattered in the culture of their day. Why? Tags:  Work

Are You Called or Driven?

By Dwight Hill The imagery of Christ making His way through the bustling, pawing, and demanding crowds was one of peace, bearing, and purpose. CALLED by the Father to complete His task, Jesus never appeared to be in a hurry...yet always progressing toward His goal. Tags:  Calling, Drive, Business

Value In Work

By Dr. Richard Bouch Work is a major part of our lives, and it gives people some of their sense of value and purpose. That's not surprising, as God designed us to work. Tags:  Work

Growing Fruit

by Michelle Medlock Adams Of course you're not going to automatically get along with every coworker in your office. It's going to take some real effort on your part. I mean, even the disciples had problems with each other. Tags:  Fruit, Growth

Death of a Vision - Or Was It?

By Robert J. Tamasy Imagine being a member of the executive leadership team for a cutting-edge, innovative company developing revolutionary new technology with the potential to change millions of lives. The organization's CEO is a magnetic, visionary individual whose infectious energy has everyone primed for an incredibly productive future.