What's Your Worldview?

The idea of worldview is not new, but it has recently become a somewhat popular topic. Worldview is the set of basic, foundational assumptions or beliefs a person uses to understand the world. Dr.
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Here's a topic that we don't talk much about - rest. You'll find over 5 million hits on Google for "productivity," but only one-fifth that many for "rest."
Rest is useful in reducing stress and anxiety. Because when we rest, both physically and mentally, we remain away from the stressful situation. It allows body to calm down and gather some energy as well. So, rest is extremely important for mental calmness and physical energy.
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The King Returns

John Eldredge is a great story teller. Picture in your mind's eye this week's description and a pointed lesson.
To connect with some men who are working to make a real difference, check out one of the local CBMC Connect3 teams for breakfast, basic training and encouragement.
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Rooted In The Word

Ken Boa, the author of this week's post, is one of my favorite authors. Ken is engaged in a ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship, teaching, writing, and speaking.
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The Bottom Line

This week's note from Skip Moen is about nothing - literally!
In John chapter 15 Jesus makes an astounding and crucial statement.
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The Miracle Of The Incarnation

In the midst of all the shopping, partying and decorations, it's worthwhile to reflect on the reason for the season. Of course Jesus is the reason for the season. But in reality we (you and me) are the real reason for the season - we are the recipients of God's greatest gift, as Randy Alcorn shares this week...
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